We're all navigating transition... 

as individuals, organizations, communities, across sectors, and within our institutions

Navigating is best done in good company... 

Co-Nexio can be your companion on the journey


Leadership Capacity Building

Strategic Engagement

Innovative Process & Program Design

Intuitive Coaching


To support transition, new leadership capacities are needed to make the shift towards creative innovation, collective intelligence, and meaningful collaboration. 


Client Reflections...

One quiet Missouri cattleman said, "I don't know what you do or how you do it, but it's changed everything. I told neighbors at home what we did in the first workshop and they couldn't believe people in other states are working on the same things we are. People don't think I'm crazy any more!"

- Watershed Leaders Network participant


“The inclusive process of engaging in the work was a highlight. Inclusivity, our coming together physically and emotionally, spiritually and in solidarity with new understanding of our mission and our place in the universe is incredibly valuable. This has been our best session ever - well planned, creative, refreshing and unifying.”

- Strategic planning participant, Dominican Sister

“It might be possible for me to be part of the solution instead of just an observer!” - Iowa farmer