What becomes possible when connections are strengthened?


These stories illuminate the impact of Co-Nexio's approach to strategic engagement, leadership capacity building, and process design for effective collaboration


Strategic Engagements - Multisector Dialogues for Systemic & Organizational Change

Watershed Leaders Network

Farmers from the 5 states in the Upper Mississippi River Basin gather in peer-to-peer learning, along with agricultural agency staff, watershed coordinators, ag retailers, recreational landowners and others who care about finding ways to protect water quality through better farming practices. We've hosted 3 residential gatherings to date with 2 scheduled for 2018. Read more here.

Energy, Disaster and Resilience

The Institute of Energy and Society at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire invited us to host their inaugural engagement with an inter-disciplinary group of researchers, energy grid practitioners and others. Two days of rich dialogue, stories of resilience, and vital questions led to proposals that will contribute to the direction of this important new Institute.

Audacious Conversations

The Burren College of Arts gathered University leaders from all the major arts institutions in the U.S. and Europe that send students on study abroad courses to the west coast of Ireland. In this 2-day engagement, we explored "X-centric" models of higher education and what possibilities could be imagined as audacious leadership approaches for creativity and deeper learning.

Sinsinawa Dominicans

Facing critical decisions about their future, our team led a 16-month strategic engagement based on contemplative dialogue. This congregation of nearly 500 Dominican nuns redefined their inspirational and courageous future together. The community chose to ‘set out anew together’, focusing on current world needs including immigrants, refugees, anti-racism, and earth stewardship.

The most influential piece of this workshop was the multifaceted, collaborative, dialogue-based approach that was selected to tackle this question: How do we create a resilient energy system in a world of rapidly shifting risks, political turmoil, complex laws and institutions?
— Nancy S. Malmquist, Member and Director, Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC

Leadership Training - The Art of Hosting & Harvesting Conversations that Matter

Ayabe, Japan

Sixty people joined in to learn and practice ways to create more sustainability between neighbors in Ayabe, Japan in 2017. There is amazing energy for working in a new way and local practitioners are courageously stepping in. The community of practitioners in Japan is growing as they continually find ways to learn and build new relationships around the world.

Hanoi, Vietnam

A new generation of emerging leaders hungers to create a different future. I've stewarded two trainings, which were called in the first year in Vietnam and together we explored the question: "How can we create collaborative working cultures where people and business can thrive?" More than 50 people from 17 countries joined in 2017 to learn methods, models and practices for meaningful collaboration. The 3rd training has been called for fall 2018 already!

Karlskrona, Sweden

"How may the Art of Hosting prepare us in our personal journeys of transformation to bring forward change in the world together?" 110 people from 25 different countries gathered in Karlskrona around this question in 2018, the 9th in an annual series of trainings in participatory leadership towards a more sustainable world. Nearly 1000 people from dozens of countries have been trained in this enlivened place!

St. Paul, Minnesota

In 2017, thirty five gathered at the Minnesota Humanities Center to explore the question: “How do we begin building and sustaining collaborations across sectors that deepen relationships, leverage resources, and create greater impact?" Those using this practice report better decision-making, more effective capacity building, ability to collaborate effectively with more desirable outcomes, and greater ability to quickly adapt to change.

Process Design Partnerships - Supporting impactful engagements through wise design strategy

Unleash Global, Stockholm

Kajsa Balkfors, founder of Unleash, leads with curiosity and a passion for helping people, organizations and companies realize change that really matters. As a close partner, I provide process design support for some of her projects. One of her most profound strategic conversations is known as Sweden 3.0 - a movement that hosts hundreds around the country in visionary conversations about Sweden’s future.

Constellations Int'l, Shanghai

After participating in an Art of Hosting training where we worked together to design one of Magali Menant's projects, she invited me to provide process design support for her consultancy, Constellations International. We co-designed and refined together the process for a 2-day management retreat program for a research team of a large multinational corporation in Shanghai.

Brunel University, London

When a new interdisciplinary master's degree was approved in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design at Brunel University London, I led a team to design and deliver the foundational course in Strategic Sustainable Development and Leadership in Complexity. This was a partnership with the M.Sc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, and it continues grow.

Youth Initiative Program, Sweden

Designing a week-long conference for 250 people is an ambitious project for anyone. This youth leadership program for 18-25 year olds in Järna, Sweden designs and hosts the Initiative Forum each spring. We supported their learning and design process for a week, as they prepared to step into their leadership for the 2017 gathering, Beyond Borders.