Navigating transition is 90% inner work. Whether the focus is on your leadership, personal integrity or collaborative capacity, what's happening externally is a reflection of your personal clarity and neutrality.

What would it be like to trade in judgement for curiosity? How can I bring more mindfulness to my life? What does it mean to be 'present' and how can I practice that more? How might bringing authenticity and vulnerability actually be a strength in my work? How can I lead my team when I don't know which way forward is anymore? We can explore these questions in a few ways...

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The Flow Game

Do you have a burning question, one that longs to be answered? Whether it’s about your purpose in life, your leadership, your next career move, or just one of those nagging life questions, playing the Flow Game can help you access deeper insights through wise questions and peer coaching in a safe, hosted space.

Developed in Denmark and based on the wisdom of the Native American medicine wheel, we'll explore your question through the lenses of leadership, vision, community, action, spirit and groundedness. 

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Teams in Transition

The Flow Game can also be hosted with your team. This inquiry-based approach is perfect for seeking fresh insights when things are shifting. It's a powerful tool for teams in times of transition, looking for clarity on your next steps, or any group with a shared question to explore.

Sign up for a public offering (4-6 players) or contact me to host a game for your group.

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One-on-One Sessions

When was the last time you felt truly seen? Deeply heard? Having a companion to witness your journey, ask questions, mirror back what you're noticing, and hold space for your process of transition is the form of coaching I offer. If that's interesting for you, you can book a session in person, by phone or on a video call.


Mindfulness, clarity, non-judgement - standing in the fire of change can feel shaky. How do you stay centered in your truth and grounded when everything around you is shifting? Mindfulness helps you to tune into your conscious awareness, to hear that higher wisdom we all have access to, so that you can bring more of that quality to your work, life, and relationships. This guided practice supports you in releasing anything blocking the flow of energy, so you can feel more freedom and joy, more access to your own intuitive intelligence.

Being surrounded by Tracy (online or physical) is a real gift. She carries warmth, openness, wisdom and the sensitiveness of life within her. She feels and sees what’s present and knows how to give space to this in a gentle way. Tracy is able to create trust with her presence, she has the key to activate transformation.
— Youth Leadership Program Staff