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Community Dialogues


Multisector Engagement

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organizational Change

I learned so much in this workshop. In fact, I’d say out of the past 5 years of workshops I’ve been to, I’ve learned the most in this one.
— City Planner, Strategic Engagement Participant

Through Co-Nexio, I help when large-scale change is needed, when a group is ‘stuck’, and when new directions are ready to emerge. Multi-sector engagements and regional, community dialogues are powerful ways to find collective solutions to critical social and environmental challenges. Together we'll deepen relationships, leverage resources, and generate positive change.

Whether a long-term retainer relationship, a multi-year initiative, a specific project, or a one-day engagement, I'll design and facilitate approaches with you that build leadership capacity, engage stakeholders, and create greater impact.


What can we do together that none of us can do alone?


Together, we can create :

  • Multisector Engagements

  • Peer-to-Peer Dialogues

  • Community & Regional Engagements

  • Organizational Change & Development

  • Un-Conference Design & Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning toward Sustainability

  • Event Design & Facilitation (any size!)

  • Team Building & Culture Change

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Traditional corporate communication must give way to a process that is more dynamic and more sophisticated.  Most important, that process must be conversational.

- Harvard Business Review



Tracy is a highly strategic thinker, planner and process designer, always seeing around corners to anticipate how potential actions, approaches, process designs and emergent situations may impact outcomes.
— Project Partner

Through participatory dialogue, all perspectives have a voice in the conversation, creating conditions for new solutions to emerge. Inject new life into your meetings, conferences, collaborations & community, together!

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We learned so much, my head is on fire with ideas, and our farmer group is more connected than before the workshop – this is a powerful combination!!! I’m looking forward to working with the farmers in our area to act on the ideas generated during our two days together. I sincerely hope you’ll be able to offer this workshop again. It is incredibly valuable – not only for water quality work – but also, I think, for rebuilding a sense of goodwill and community in our watershed. Thank you!!!
— Watershed Leaders Network participant