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The Weave: Participatory Process Design Guide for Strategic Sustainable Development

Along with my research partners at MSLS, I authored this guide to support sustainability practitioners to engage clients in complex challenges. It presumes you already know the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development. If you don't, just look it up - it's open source too!

lotus cover.jpeg

The Lotus: A Practice Guide for Authentic Leadership toward Sustainability

Another gorgeous free resource based on a master's thesis from MSLS. This one will support developing the personal leadership capacities for working in complexity.

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Prototyping Our Future: Social Labs for a Sustainable, Regenerative, & Thriving Future

You guessed it, another MSLS thesis group authored a book to support using the model they created.

Resources & Information about our Methods from a few generous practitioners

Friends at Watson University tell this story: "When Muhamad Yunus wanted to spread the model of micro-finance, he knew making it proprietary would only limit access to finance for the poorest of the poor. He instead “copylefted” his model to make it intentionally open source and accessible to anyone, anywhere."

Consider everything shared here 'copylefted', and pay it forward.