THE ART OF HOSTING CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER By practicing methods for working in complexity using dialogue, emergence, shared purpose and self-organization it's possible to find collective solutions to complex issues. When all perspectives can be shared in a safe, inclusive environment, the possibility arises to find solutions that no one person could offer. Learn more here.

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STRATEGIC SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Between a future you can envision and your current reality lies a path of possibility that leads to a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable organization. Using a systems-based framework with decades of practical application, you'll 'backcast' your way to a sustainable future. If you're not familiar with the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development, get a quick overview here.

REAL COLORS “Why do people do the things they do?” Understanding why can help you work better together! This scientifically-based personality temperament workshop is fast, fun, and interactive. I've witnessed how deeper understanding and more effective communication skills can lead to better relationships in the space of one workshop. “Outstanding sessions - very timely and meaningful & will help us as a team!”

EVERYDAY CREATIVITY Creativity often is thought of as a phenomenon larger than life — something that belongs only to certain people. Using a gorgeous resource created by Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer, we’ll challenge that thinking and show how creativity is something much more accessible. Learn & practice 9 principles of ‘Everyday Creativity’ in this engaging workshop.

THE FLOW GAME Do you have a burning question, one that longs to be answered? Whether it’s about your purpose in life, your leadership, your next career move, or just one of those nagging life questions, playing the Flow Game can help you access deeper insights through wise questions and peer coaching in a safe, hosted space. Sign up for a public offering (4-6 players) or contact me to host a game for your group (of any size!).

RESTORATIVE RETREATS In order to move forward faster, we need to slow down, tune in, and travel together. Tapping into our innate connection to spirit, one another and the land creates lasting change. We need safe spaces to unplug, heal, play, and restore our energy with time to ‘just be’. In good company, in a beautiful natural place, with just enough structure to reawaken your own forgotten wisdom...well, who doesn't want that?

PERMACULTURE & SYSTEMS CHANGE Used mostly in sustainable agriculture, the principles of permaculture design also give insights into how human systems actually work. In this workshop, we'll explore the interconnectivity of life and practice prototyping designs for self-organizing systems, both natural and human.

FACILITATION TOOLS & TECHNIQUES Traditional facilitation tools & techniques are useful when you're working in a fairly predictable context. I've trained university extension educators, grad students, and teen leadership groups for many years using an intensive retreat-style approach where practice is key! "I've been in community development for 20 years with (the university) and this was the best training ever. Why didn't they require this training in the first week?!" - University Extension Educator